Sunday 1 May 2016

Rally - Nae Luck

Euan Thorburn’s woes continued at this weekend’s Pirelli Rally in Carlisle, but because the Peugeot failed on the first stage yesterday the team still doesn’t know if the gearbox/diff issue has been resolved. That’s because it was the belt which drives the power steering pump and alternator stripped its teeth and led to retirement. Bad enough driving a car with no power steering but if the alternator is not providing enough charge to keep the battery functioning then the car will eventually stop. That the team even made the start of the event was remarkable as the team’s own gearbox had to be collected from France (near Le Mans) on Thursday getting back to the workshop at half 3 on Friday morning and fitting the ‘box ready for Friday’s shakedown. At Hawkhirst service yesterday a very dejected team were left in despair. Euan was very diplomatic, but father Alistair was rather more couthy in his opinions.

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