Monday, 23 May 2016

Rally - Caught on camera

Conned, scammed and duped, but not angry. Strangely calm given the unfamiliarity of the situation. As for the location, I was in Craigvinean Forest north of Perth and so was a certain red and black Mk2 Escort. Why?

Funny how things turn out. The weekend was all about Portugal and Kris Meeke's extraordinary but richly deserved and measured victory, and today was all about Craigvinean and McRae.

Some of you may recall the quarterly magazine 'Faster Scotland' that Josef Stuchlak published and distributed at Scottish motor sports event up until a year ago when he switched his interest and entrepreneurial flair from the printed word to the moving image. He's been planning a 'YouTube' magazine for some time now and it's beginning to take shape. It's all about Scottish motor sport, on four wheels and two, on the loose and on tarmac. He's already got most of the material for his first prog but wanted something else, hence this morning. Craigvinean and a man called McRae.

Somewhere along the line, yours truly got roped in. An extremely unusual experience, as bashing fingernails with tyre levers is infinitely preferable to appearing in front of cameras. Apparently Josef's first choice of guest gave him a body-swerve or had made an acceptable excuse, whereas I was caught unprepared.

Jimmy with Josef and Iain
Jimmy of course is a natural. When you think of the number of microphones and cameras that have been thrust in his face over 40 years of rallying, it's second nature. As for yours truly, just make sure the kids are in bed and the pets are locked up in a different room when you view the first episode. The biggest surprise was managing to speak without a lump in the throat.

That always happens when I see Colin's Escort. I first photographed the car for him at his home when he got it finished in May 2007, exactly 9 years ago this month. The car was special to Colin.

When Josef and Ian Struthers finish the edit, what you'll see and hear was totally unscripted and unrehearsed, but what should come across is their enthusiasm for this new video magazine. If that doesn't sell the programme, nothing will. And given the line-up of volunteer guests in his first prog - things can only get better.

Cecile B de Mille or Peter Jackson it ain't, but it should be worth a watch and if you encourage them this could be regular feature of the Scottish motor sporting video landscape.

When I get the link for the final prog, I'll let you all know.

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