Friday, 26 June 2015

Rally - RSAC Scottish

A sight to gladden the hearts this morning at the test day in Ae Forest, when a lightfooted gentleman of indeterminate age was spotted “singin’ and dancin’ in the rain”.

Like a scene straight out of the film, and wearing a hard hat instead of a trilby, the Gene Kelly lookalike used a brush instead of an umbrella to entertain and delight an audience of puzzled onlookers with his tacketty boot tappin’ terpsichorean display of dazzling footwork.

Drivers, co-drivers, service personnel and officials were enthralled. The midges were ignored and the rain forgotten as a little bit of lightness was brought to the dripping, grey gloom.

And the ‘Strictly’ auditioner? Just one of British rallying’s most popular and enduring characters. Do you know who it is yet? Do you think we should tell the BBC?