Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rally - Cold at Crail

So just how cold was it at Crail yesterday? Well, it has been worse, but there were a couple of time when a freezing North Sea haar rolled in across the airfield. Rain could be seen scudding across the sea miles out and whipping up white caps in the water, but it stayed off-shore. Which meant we only had to endure that clammy, cold dampness that can seep through any combination of clothing layers right into the bones. The sort of conditions that make you happy just being miserable - especially if you are a service crew waiting and hoping that your driver has done something to the car that requires a bout of blood warming activity to restore tingling to toes and frozen fingers - including these two 'apprentice pensioners' seemingly practicing a life of retirement on the seafront at Largs in high Summer. Brrrr!

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