Monday, 15 June 2015

Rally - Cartoon strip

Couldn't resist this, so treat it as a cartoon strip in foties! Two weel kent personalities from Scottish rallying were spotted deep in conversation at Crail at the weekend, and I'm sorry, but as I said, I couldn't resist it. Entitled "Never mind the quality - feel the width!" ...

Al: I need a rear tyre for ma bike, can you fit this one?
Ron: Whit? This ane? Yer aff yer heid man. It's too wee an' it's too wide.

Al: Ah'm no aff ma heid, ah need mair grip at high speed, I'll gie ye twa quid fur it.
Ron: This is fine quality used rubber ye ken, it'll cost ye four.

Del Boy and Boycie finally reach agreement.

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