Thursday, 19 February 2015

Road - Iveco concept

As most of you know, my day job is writing about vans and all things commercial, and rallying is just a minor interest (!), however I like vans, so there. Actually, there are many more (sad) people out there who share this interest in vans, while others realise that vans are a vital part of business and domestic life. They are the Mars bars of motoring - for work, rest and play.

And just like their more glamorous siblings (cars) vans have a shiny and appealing allure of their own, especially when it comes to concepts.

For instance, the Iveco Daily van is known within the trade as a van for truck drivers, or a truck for van drivers. They have a reputation for strength, durability and practicality, and despite the fact that they are Italian they are not renowned for good looks and svelte shapes, like those wee shiny red things that come out of Maranello.

So take a look at this concept. Now that’s a van!

And if you want to see it in the flesh (metal?) it will be at the CV Show at the NEC in April.



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