Saturday 21 February 2015

Rally - Snowman underway

And so it begins. A 20 minute delay this morning on the first stage due to spectators. As ever, huge numbers have turned out to watch, but it's good natured. They seem to be responding positively to requests to move back at popular locations.

It snowed overnight, so the front runners are at a disadvantage. That's why David Bogie the top seed was so far off the pace on the first stage this morning, nearly a minute down on the rest.

Early times for the first stage show Steven Clark in the lead (6m 48s) from Bruce McCombie (6m 56s) and Jock Armstrong sharing 7m 05s with Chris Collie and Fraser Wilson, then its Shaun Sinclair on 7m 10s.

Faulkner, Groundwater, Milne and Gallacher also suffered in the slithery conditions like Bogie, but Dougal Brown suffered more. the Lancer is parked in a ditch and Brian Watson is out with an engine failure.

The sun is up, but anyone who thinks sunshine is warm needs to come to Dingwall this morning, this sunshine can make ice lollies.

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