Wednesday 4 February 2015

Rally - Safety film

The Chuckle Brothers were spotted out in the wintry wilds of Inversneckieshire recently filming a promotional video for their new nationwide hilarity tour of the nation’s bothies, shebeens and railway station toilets. The content of this video film is of an unsettling nature and could shock those of a sensitive disposition.  Be warned and be careful, and keep the weans away frae the screen.

In all fairness the finished film will be worth the watching as it features the ‘Idiot’s Guide’ to staying safe at rallies. Please note the use of the word ‘Idiots’ as in those who go spectating unprepared, and not ‘Idiots’ as in those playing a starring role! Or I could be wrong.

I can’t wait for the finished ‘professional’ edited version. It might take some time.

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