Saturday 21 February 2015

Rally - Armstrong leads

Jock Armstrong now leads the Snowman Rally after 3 of today's 5 stages. It would appear that Steven Clark has gone out on the third test at Strath Rory. David Bogie is out too. He was late into first service with clutch problems. These were unfixable in the time allowed so the Fiesta has been retired.

Fastest through that third test was Mike Faulkner, 23 seconds up on Armstrong, and this has promoted him to the runner-up spot ahead of Bruce McCombie. Fourth is the 'Highland Flyer' Donnie MacDonald from Shaun Sinclair and Mark McCulloch. In fact, less than one minute covers the top 7 at present.

The sun has gone down and the snow stopped earlier this morning so the third test was quite glaury and perhaps the top seeds won't be at so much of a disadvantage now, so there could well be some changes yet to come over the final two stages.

Scott MacBeth is out. The Nova now has 3 wheels instead of the 4 it started with and Ryan Weston beached the Proton. No damage but stuck fast.

Just one final point for now, the rally is running around 40 minutes late, just enuring that spects stay well back.

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