Thursday 12 February 2015

Rally - Media safety

Earlier this morning, a rally photographer was injured when a car crashed in the Shakedown stage ahead of this weekend’s Rally Sweden.

Coincidentally, the Motor Sports Association (MSA) issued a Press Release this morning regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the Scottish Government’s Motor Sport Event Safety Review (MESR), not only in Scotland but throughout the UK.

Event organisers will be advised that: “Press attendance at rallies should be subject to strict rules and press attendees must be prepared to obey the instructions of rally marshals. Examples of press attendees standing in non-permitted areas have been noted by the Group. When an area is identified as unsafe, it should be regarded as unsafe for everyone without exception – spectators, press and marshals.”

It is likely that the MSA will introduce a new accreditation system for bona fide members of the media.

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