Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Road - Rocket Ship

I've been away from my desk for a couple of days. I won't tell you where or tell you why, but the pictures are a dead giveaway. If you think the McLaren 650S isn't worth it's £215,250 price tag, I've got news for you, I think it is. Well, nearly.  This thing is as docile as a Spring lamb when you want it to be, but one serious prod of the accelerator opens up the gates of hell and the road to ruin. Accompanied by a mechanical cacophany from hell, it will propel you into oblivion and perhaps even the next dimension with nary a thought for your mental or physical wellbeing. This is viagra on wheels. It's about as invigorating as a kick in the goolies with a hobnailed boot. And if you think the price is intoxicating, wait till you see the options list.  I'll put my review up on the website soon ... once the tingling has subsided!

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