Saturday 6 September 2014

Rally - Thorburn at Merrick

Euan Thorburn leads the GWF Energy Merrick Stages Rally in his Ford Focus after 3 of the day's 6 stages. Mike Faulkner is second in the Lancer half a minute behind with Jock Armstrong's Subaru just 5 seconds behind Faulkner.

David Bogie is fourth in the Fiesta: "We caught a stone or something on the inside of a Left Hander and punctured a tyre on the second stage," said Bogie, "we didn't see anything - we just felt it, and it knocked the tracking out a bit but there was service after the stage and got it all fixed."

Euan Thorburn had a problem there too: "We hit something on the same bend that caused David's problem. We didn't see anything, just felt the impact. All the way to the end of the stage I was just waiting for the tyre to go down, but it didn't."

Weather conditions are excellent in the south west today and although there is a bit of stoor around, it's not a problem, but punctures are. Dale Robertson leads the Group N battle in sixth place overall ahead of Andrew Gallacher who had a puncture and Fraser Wilson who had a problem with his fuel pump.

Donnie MacDonald and Bruce McCombie are both out. MacDonald had an engine problem and McCombie was left with only 2nd and 4th gears in the Lancer. Mark McCulloch is outside the top ten with a burst strut. Alasdair S Graham is currently 12th overall and leading the class  in his 1600 Corsa while Iain Haining lost 3 minutes when he stopped to change a punctured tyre on his Nova.

The lack of phone signal in the middle of Glentrool at service meant there could be no updates earlier than this.

Leaderboard after 3 (of 6) stages:
1, E Thorburn, 24m 22s
2, M Faulkner, 24m 53s
3, J Armstrong, 24m 58s
4, D Bogie, 25m 03s
5, D Brown, 26m 01s
6, D Robertson, 26m 07s
7, A Gallacher, 26m 14s
8, F Wilson, 26m 24s
9, C McMiken, 26m 38s
10, S Bannister, 26m 47s

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