Tuesday 16 September 2014

Rally - Reassurance

Whatever happens on Thursday, Scottish motor sports fans can rest easy in their beds. It would appear that the MSA is on the case, and has been for nearly two years now. They initially approached the FIA for clarification on what would happen should Scotland become an independent nation. The view was expressed that the MSA would be regarded as the official Scottish ASN (National Sporting Authority) were they to apply and had the agreement of the Scottish car clubs. That consent was duly sought and approval given.

However, the MSA has gone one step further, and registered an office in Edinburgh so that the national authority can better deal with a Scottish Parliament, whether independent or not. It won’t be a full-blown Scottish ASN but it will be able to establish an outpost in the far north. So that’s alright then.

Or is it? Remember, the FIA is based in Paris (that’s in Frenchland) and given the vast quantities of red wine and runny cheese on the menus over there, who knows what will happen should another new and quite separate nation appear on their north western periphery? It’s all very well for politicians to make promises, but as we all know only too well, actions speak louder than words. Whatever, it will all become clear after Thursday, or will it?

Which made me think. Now I know why we have enjoyed something of a late Summer this far into September – it’s all that hot air that has been expelled as political mantras are shouted from soapboxes, street corners, debating chambers and bull horns the length and breadth of the country. No wonder it’s been so warm. Maybe we could have an independence campaign every year just ahead of winter. All we need now is to find a way of storing that energy and heat and using it when the temperature drops. I wonder if ‘the greens’ will adopt this idea in their next manifesto, eh?

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