Saturday 5 April 2014

Rally - Still Edwards

With 6 stages gone and 2 to go, Bruce Edwards in the Tupperware GT continues to lead the DCC Stages at Ingliston. As for the forecast afternoon rain, so far it’s come to nothing but a few spots. Fingers crossed.
Bruce now has a 45 second lead over the pursuit but Stuart Baillie and Alistair Inglis are having a rare old ding dong. Tying after 4 stages, Baillie now has a 4 second gap to Inglis who spun on the previous test: “I should have listened to Gillian,” said Alistair, “I was just trying too hard.”

Ross Fernie is still 4th but dropping back on the two in front as he struggles to get on terms with his sensitive sequential gearbox. Gary Adam is first 2WD car in 5th place, but Ian Forgan in the wee Ka is just 3 seconds behind him in sixth place.

Darren Doherty is on the move, up to 7th place with Hamish Kinloch 8th. Barry Lindsay has got his 1600cc Peugeot into the top ten with Nick Runcie only 10 seconds behind in 11th position but setting some very quick times.

Provisional Leaderboard after 6 (of 8) stages:
1, B Edwards, Darrian, 44m 59s
2, S Baillie, Subaru, 45m 44s
3, A Inglis, Mitsubishi, 45m 48s
4, R Fernie, Subaru, 45m 57s
5, G Adam, Escort, 46m 31s
6, I Forgan, Ka, 46m 34s
7, D Doherty, Subaru, 46m 47s
8, H Kinloch, 46m 50s
9, R Hamilton, Metro, 46m 55s
10, B Lindsay, Peugeot, 47m 01s

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