Saturday 5 April 2014

Rally - DCC Stages

The DCC Stages got underway just after 9 this morning at Ingliston under leaden grey skies, and although the first two stages were run in dry conditions, the rain is trying to fall now. For the first cars on the road, conditions were slippier than a diarhoeaa-etic donkey. Winter slime and moss coated the damp tarmac. That contributed to Nick Runcie's off on the first stage, the Citroen sliding off on to the grass taking a stake with it before striking a bale. Cosmetic damage only and his second stage time was a lot quicker.

Bruce Edwards is second, the Darrian finding a little more grip where the rest are struggling. Robin Hamilton was another to strike a bale, damaging the front wing and air dam but that will fix. Alistair Inglis is holding third place despite finishing the first stage with the sumpguard dragging on the ground: "I didn't think the yump was that vicious," he said, narrowly avoiding the runway at Edinburgh airport next door!

Provisional Leaderboard after 2 (of 8) stages:
1, B Edwards, Darrian, 16m 06s
2, S Baillie, Subaru, 16m 14s
3, A Inglis, Mitsubishi, 16m 24s
4, R Fernie, Subaru, 16m 34s
5, G Adam, Escort, 16m 38s
6, R Hamilton, Metro 6R4, 16m 41s
7, I Forgan, Ka, 16m 48s
8, H Kinloch, 16m 50s
9, C Gemmell, 16m 54s
10, D Doherty, Subaru, 17m 00s

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