Sunday, 20 April 2014

Rally - Feeney wins Kames

"Job done," said Nigel Feeney at the end of the Kames Rally today, "we did have a wee engine problem with the car, but the boys at TEG Sport know what it is and said it would be all right to run toay. Still, first time out in the car I thought Colin (Gemmell) and Graham (Bruce) would have been in front."

Just 18 seconds behind the Impreza was Gemmell's older version: "I was using the same tyres as I did at Ingliston, but I'm doing the Granite City Rally next week - I'll buy new tyres for that."

Derek Connell was a delighted third overall in the wee Nova: "I was really pleased with that, mixing it with the four wheel drive boys. but I don't think that will happen next week. I'm doing the Granite so I need to get it ready in forest spec for that."

Graham Bruce's 'bodge' held out: "A bit broke off the end of the driveshaft so we 'wurzeled' it by packing it out with a big nut and rubber do'nut, and it held it out till the end."

Alex Vassallo won the Junior Rally in his Citroen C1: "Apart from that slight problem with the gearshift early on, there were no problems" while Dylan O'Donnell held on to second place with his Nissan Micra: "I just need to go quicker next time."

Michael Robertson moved up to third place in his Aygo when Craig MacIvor cowped his Micra on the penultimate test. Michael was having problems all afternoon with his exhaust continually falling off - so did the last four stages after removing it altogether!

Andy Struthers just pipped Brodie Balfour for fourth by 7 seconds with a better run over the afternoon stages and Michael Dickie rounded off the top six.

Kames Rally leaderboard, after 16 (of 16) stages:
1, N Feeney 24m 57s
2, C Gemmell, 25m 15s
3, D Connell, 25m 52s
4, G Bruce, 26m 04s
5, N Thomson, 27m 30s
6, L Taylor, 27m 56s

Junior Rally
1, A Vassallo, 26m 47s
2, D O'Donnell, 27m 33s
3, M Robertson, 28m 07s
4, A Struthers, 28m 43s
5, B Balfour, 28m 50s
6, M Dickie, 30m 26s

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