Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rally - Brucie wins

This year's DCC Stages finished with a clatter, a flash and a bang, when a car slid off the road on the 7th test and side swiped an electrical junction box. Damage wasn't huge and the car carried on, but the junction box was live! It was therefore considered unsafe to carry on and Stages 7 and 8 were cancelled leaving the results as they were after Stage 6.

But what a good day's rallying up till that point. The threatened rain stayed away and Bruce Edwards took a convincing win. Stuart Baillie hung on to the runner-up spot which was actually in doubt given Alistair Inglis's pace on SS7 before the red flag. "I'll take that," said Stuart, "I don' really like the nature of the stages here and the best I've ever done is 8th, so to get second against some really good opposition,I'm very pleased with that."

Ross Fernie kept 4th after tying with Gary Adam on the same time, but his quicker time on the opening stage of the day earned him the place. Ian Forgan rounded off the day in sixth place but he was very lucky, the Ka had a problem on the 7th test and might not have finished the rally if it had gone the distance!

Barry Lindsay was top 1600 in 10th place overall and Murray Coulthard took the 1400 class with 25th overall.

Provisional Results after 6 (of 6) stages:
1, B Edwards, Darrian, 44m 59s
2, S Baillie, Subaru, 45m 44s
3, A Inglis, Mitsubishi, 45m 48s
4, R Fernie, Subaru, 45m 57s
5, G Adam, Escort, 46m 31s
6, I Forgan, Ka, 46m 34s
7, D Doherty, Subaru, 46m 47s
8, H Kinloch, 46m 50s
9, R Hamilton, Metro, 46m 55s
10, B Lindsay, Peugeot, 47m 01s

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