Saturday 5 April 2014

Rally - Edwards leads

Bruce Edwards continues to lead the DCC Stages at Ingliston after 4 of the day's 8 stages. It's not raining but to say that conditions are improving is not necessarily true: "The corners are muddy with stuff getting dragged out," said Bruce, "but the straights are drying a bit and you can get the power down. But I don't think the corners will improve at all today, they'll stay wet and slippery." He added: "I made an arse of that last one though, Ashleigh (his co-driver) called a Left and Right. I turned Left - and forgot about the Right! No damage, I ended up against the tape."

Alistair Inglis has moved up to second equal with Stuart Baillie who spun on the third test but got away with it, while Alistair is mighty impressed with daughter Gillian co-driving her Dad on her first rally.
Ross Fernie is fourth but still trying to get to grips with his new sequential shift: "The last time I had the car out, the clutch blew so this is the first proper chance to get used to it," said Ross, "it's just so sensitive the minute you touch the ever it changes gear. I think I'll have to try paddles!"

Nick Runcie is back up to 12th place after his early misdeameanour so a top ten is still possible but Barry Lindsay is 11th in his wee Peugeot and we all know just how well he goes. Sadly, Stuart Walker will be going no further, the Lancer going off in a cloud of steam (smoke?) in the third stage.

Provisional Leaderboard after 4 (of 8) stages:
1, B Edwards, Darrian, 30m 48s
2= A Inglis, Mitsubishi, 31m 07s
3= S Baillie, Subaru, 31m 07s
4, R Fernie, Subaru, 31m 20s
5, G Adam, Escort, 31m 30s
6, I Forgan, Ka, 31m 52s
7, R Hamilton, Metro, 32m 00s
8, H Kinloch, 32m 02s
9, D Doherty, Subaru, 32m 03s
10, C Gemmell, 32m 17s

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