Sunday 19 May 2013

Road - Lotus in Duns

After yesterday's series of torrential downpours, the weather gods smiled more kindly on the Club Lotus folks from all over the UK who had gathered in Newton Street in Duns to celebrate Lotus' first Formula 1 race victory 50 years ago, and rather more sadly the 45th anniversary of the passing of Jim Clark.

The early morning mist gave way to a warm, muggy and dull day with an air of quiet reserve emanating from a huge crowd of Scots and international visitors (many from Englandshire too) of somewhere well in excess of 2,000 interested bystanders, car enthusiasts and motor sports fans.

And then the almost eerie silence was pierced by the shrill bark of a 2.5 litre V8 in the back of a Lotus 25 chassis being fired up. It was pure magic. Then both cars gave the crowds a treat with a few full rev runs up and down the street.

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