Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Event - Club Lotus

If you need a good excuse to escape from gardening this weekend, then members of Club Lotus are having their latest annual national gathering at Duns, this time to mark the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark’s and Lotus’s first Formula One World Championship.

Over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday, 18/19 May, up to 150 members and their cars will gather in Newtown Street on the Saturday afternoon before they head off for dinner in the evening.

On Sunday morning they will again gather outside the Jim Clark Room at 12 noon before forming a cavalcade to Chirnside Parish Church to lay a wreath on Jim Clark's grave before coming back to Duns for lunch. But there's a special treat in store.

Clive Chapman and Classic Team Lotus are bringing two Lotus 25 F1 cars up to Duns. Now owned by Nick Fennell and John Bowers, the two cars will be fired up and driven up and down Newtown Street a few times. And anyone whose neck hairs do not rise to the sound are either tone deaf or deid. There will also be the first Lotus Elan that Jim Clark drove and a Lotus Cortina.

Sounds like an awfy guid reason to give the garden a body swerve.

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