Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rally - Milne wins the Fort

Quintin Milne won the Stravaigers Lodge Fort Augustus Gravel Sprint despite the fact that he didn't do any of the afternoon runs. His time from his second run in the morning remained unbeaten:  "When I hit the puddle in the ditch this morning, I must have hit something solid," said Quintin, "it's damaged the strut and there's a rattle coming from the front end, so I didn't want to risk it any more with the Jim Clark Rally coming up."

The biggest loser was David Wilson who dropped from third to fifth as the battle for second place was fought out between the son and father duo of Steven and Henry Ronaldson. The Metro was double entered, but Steven didn't think his biggest competition was going to come from his Dad!

Such was their pace they both set their fastest times of the day on the final stage, crucially, Steven was just 8 tenths of a second quicker than faither. Henry had been getting quicker every stage but few would have predicted that he would make Steven sweat so hard.  So just how hard was Henry trying on that last run? As soon as he got out of the car he leaned his elbows  on the back of the pickup and lit up a fag.

Richie Ramsay adjusted the toe-in on the Subaru for the afternoon runs and found an improvement. So much so, he just nipped Wilson for fourth place, while Kevin Ronaldson made it three family members in the top six places when he got the Subaru home just ahead of the class winning Sunbeam of Kenny Wood.

And there was another surprise in store. Every class winner got a 50 quid prize from event sponsor Reay MacKay. But he's not really that daft, they'll spend all that and more in his pub at the party tonight!

Fastest times after 6 stages:
1, Quintin Milne, 1m 45.0s
2, Steven Ronaldson, 1m 47.6s
3, Henry Ronaldson, 1m 48.4s
4, Richie Ramsay, 1m 48.7s 
5, David Wilson, 1m 51.1s
6, Kevin  Ronaldson, 1m 53.1s
7, Kenny Wood, 1m 53.5s
8, Neil Morrison, 1m 53.9s
9, Calum Strachan, 1m 58.9s
10, Keir Beaton, 2m 00.2s

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