Thursday 9 May 2013

Road - Daring day out

There was a new car in the drive this morning, ahead of a trip to Kelso. When I first saw it, I thought the paint had run or the seagulls were getting creative with their diet. Then I looked inside. I nearly went back into the house to get a disguise, so the neighbours wouldn't recognise me driving it. But no, it's all part of the 'personalisation' process - just not for me though.

One of the day's ports of call was at Hassington to meet the Buckleys, one of the UK's top rally car preparation specialists, and no doubt with a fleet of butch looking Mitsubishis and Subaru and Ford WRC cars gracing the workshops. All I needed was these highly trained and experienced rally engineers and technicians to see me turning up in this. Fortunately most of the boys were already on their way to the Isle of Man and another team to Italy. There were only two Doms in attendance, and they had the grace to be gentle with me.

 Any idea what it is?

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