Wednesday 5 October 2022

Road - Eggbox meets Duplo

If France is the home of design fabulosity with functionality, haute couture and extravagant practicality, elegance and elaboration then methinks that reputation may well be under threat.

Take Citroen for instance, once the automotive equivalent of style and glamour, they used to be known for manufacturing endearing, quirky and functional modes of personal transport, but now, like everyone else they just seem to be manufacturing tin boxes with mass appeal and little in the way of outward distinction.

However, their latest 'design concept' the Citroen oli, seems to have been inspired by giving a bunch of students a few empty eggboxes and a large box of Duplo bricks and instructed to take the word ‘unconventional’ to a new level. They've done that, eh?

On that basis, no chance of a return to rallying any time soon then!



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