Sunday 9 October 2022

Rally - Mull Rally Preview

2022 Beatson's Mull Rally, 14/15/16 October ... Preview and full Entry List, see links below.

Although '' will feature a full Preview and Entry List there will be no follow-up comprehensive rally report. Instead the online mag, which is in the process of closing down, will publish the post-event Press Release from the organisers to bring things to a conclusion.

And yet, Mull is such a magical and mysterious place, who knows what sights, sounds and smells might assault the senses and trick the minds of those who travel across the sea? This is a land, isolated by the Atlantic Ocean, where strange things can happen and wondrous sights beheld. What might be perceived as a figment of an over active imagination could in fact be whigmaleeries, ghosts and ghouls going about their relentless other worldly business whenever and whereever the mood takes them.

Bear this in mind, if you do see what you think is mist, fog or low lying cloud on the horizon, it may well be the breath of a 'baobhan sith' rising from her nocturnal resting place to feast on the blood of innocent spectators. Or, it might just be pipe smoke as the Silent Spectator high above Dervaig casts his appraising eye over the proceedings which he started 53 years ago. I wonder if he ever envisaged what his idea would become.

Mull is not just a rally, it is an event, an adventure, a stimulating, adrenalin pumping, nerve tingling, spine chilling challenge unlike any other event in the British rallying calendar. A motor sporting pilgrimage for the true enthusiast.

And if you are standing in a lonely or desolate spot as night falls, just be careful if you ever feel a tap on the shoulder. Very careful!


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