Saturday 22 October 2022

Rally - Defender Rally series

Arrive and Drive ... If you like rallying and fancy something different, there is an alternative. It's called the 'Defender Rally Series by Bowler 2023 UK Championship'. Basically this is a one-make 9 event series for current model Land Rover Defenders with the UK-wide championship taking in stage rallies, hill rallies and competition safaris, so a wide variety of events, terrains and challenges. Organised and promoted by Land Rover competition specialist Bowler Motors Ltd, the competition is limited to 12 teams with Bowler looking after the build and prep of 12 identically prepared 300 bhp Defenders. Options include buying and running your own car with a top-end 'arrive & drive' package for the well-heeled. The buy-in price starts from £108,334 (plus VAT) and if you think that's expensive then just count up what it would cost to buy and run a Rally2, 3 or 4 car for a season!

I've got the 334 quid end of the package but just need the other 100 grand to top it up. I'll tell you what though, having watched some hill rallies and comp safaris plus stage rallies I think I'd go for this rather than a season of car rallying! Or is that an age thing?

There's more info here:


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