Sunday 2 October 2022

Rally - Homeward bound

Having finished 13th overall on the HERO 2022 Sahara Challenge, endurance rally debutants Sandy McEwen and Alan Stark are heading for home with their 1940 Ford De Luxe Fordor. 

The 82 year old motor car survived the rigours of 12 days rallying across 4500 kms of sand and rocks - just! As for the boys? I'm not so sure, but they look cheery enough in the pic.

They managed to overcome overheating issues early on by propping open the bonnet and latterly missed a few of the Tests on the final two days with a grumbling rear axle, but they made it to the finish. Of the original 41 crews who set off, just 18 completed the course.

Has it whetted their appetite for more? I'll ask them when they come back and see if we can get a rally report out of it.

Pics by: Will Broadhead (HERO)


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