Tuesday 14 January 2020

Rally - Past & Present

Further to my recent post on next month's planned return of the Milltown Stages Rally, the Condor MSC website is now back on-line. If you want more information on the event and also more information on the 'Back to Roots 2 Wheel Drive Tarmack Championship' (BR2TC) then have a look here:

The 7 round championship includes two visits to Weeton just off the M6 between Preston and Blackpool - so you can go for a paddle after the rally and visit the Blackpool Prom, so pack the weans' bucket and spade!

Hamish Kinloch
Oddly enough, I came across some pics from the 2002 Milltown Stages Rally as organised by the RAF Motor Sports Association. The event was won by Tom and Stephen Morris who scored a time of  1hr 58mins 48 seconds for the 8 stage event in their Metro 6R4 - the average time for each stage was around 15 minutes! Told you it was a big venue. Robin Hamilton and Iain Edwards were 2nd in another Metro with Ricky and Russell Wheeler 3rd in their Escort Mk2.

Hamish Kinloch and Stuart Faulds were 5th in the very same Toyota Corolla that Hamish took to Rally Finland last year, and all he did was blow the dust off it - at least that's what Hamish says!

Clarky and Beefy
Another pair of weel kent faces were in the yellow Avenger which finished 20th o/a, driven by Alan Clark and co-driven by Beefy Fraser. The white Mitsubishi should stir some memories too. That was Lorna Smith and her faither in the Lancer, and they finished 12th.

As for the final pic, some folk reckoned that some of the surfaces were abrasive! But then again what would you expect from a 100 stage mile event? 

The Smith famil Mitsibishi

High speeds means heavy braking!

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