Sunday 19 January 2020

Rally - Motorsport News

Interesting times ahead ... BIG news this weekend, in a surprise move the Kelsey Media group has acquired the weekly 'Motorsport News' from Motorsport Network, the American based digital publishing group which bought Haymarket Publishing just over 3 years ago. 

The new owner has offices in Peterborough and Kent and publishes over 70 regular-frequency publications including such popular and widely respected titles as 'Jaguar World', 'MG Enthusiast', 'Classic Ford', 'Fast Ford', 'Mini Mag' and 'Performance Vauxhall'. They also publish a selection of 'niche' titles such as 'Trucking Magazine' and 'Tractor & Machinery'.

The group is also the brains behind and promoters of some of the most popular live action shows and exhibitions throughout the UK, staged at iconic venues such as Silverstone, Donington and Mallory Park. 

Kelsey Media’s Chief Operating Officer, Phil Weeden, commented: “We’re thrilled to have acquired Motorsport News. This is a fabulous product, representing the very heart of grass roots motorsport. With our strong connections to the world of motoring and a passion for all forms of motorsport, we’re looking forward to injecting fresh energy and enthusiasm into Motorsport News.”

Given Kelsey's background and experience plus those encouraging remarks from the new owners, here's hoping that the sport of rallying will henceforth benefit from the regular and informed coverage it so desperately needs.

Many of you might not agree with that final statement, preferring to get your news from social media, but the sport at a national level needs a strong and authoritative voice. Not just to present our sport to a wider population and help to hold politicians and sporting governors to account, but to inform, educate and entertain those of us who are and always will be rally enthusiasts first and 'petrolheads' second.

Fingers crossed everyone, eh?

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