Wednesday 14 February 2018

Rally - Snowman tailpiece

The art of successful co-driving combines a multitude of dark arts. Managing time schedules, route direction, distances, fuel consumption, food and beverage intake and selecting the appropriate tree behind which to pop out for a pee, or perchance something else which may or may not require the tearing-out of the back pages from the Roadbook - hopefully soft and absorbent!

And all this has to be managed while furnishing his/her 'pilote de voiture' with the necessary information to make fast and safe forward progress during each Special Stage whilst whispering gentle words of encouragement and praise through the intercom to soothe the fevered brain and fragile ego of the one half of the crew which has the least to do.

A good co-driver must also possess the ability and patience to take instruction and appease the driver at all times even if that means taking instructions with which the co-driver may be inclined to disagree - although some crews take it to the extreme.

Overheard in the Dingwall Mart service area:
"When ah tellt ye tae get back in the caur and get yer heid doon, that's no quite whit ah meant!"

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