Sunday 26 November 2017

Winter warmers

Stuff tradition and stuff the turkey - here be the food of Kings and Wise Men, as spotted in Browning's Baker's Shop in Galston.

At Lady B's suggestion (coercion!) a certain J. Bunnet Esq was taken shopping to buy some woolly pullovers, but distraction is never far away.

Tempting sights and enticing smells wafting from within the emporium lured the reluctant garment shopper inside to the cheery warmth of Browning's where free 'tasters' of their new Haggis filled 'sausage' rolls were on offer. Who could resist?

Jumpers forgotten, temptation overcame the heart and mind, replaced by a compulsive desire for delectable and succulent stomach fillers - till Lady B noticed that she was walking alone!

Nirvana didn't last long, dragging the lost and hungry wee soul from the cosy interior to face the perils of colourful choice and high fashion in the Balmoral Knitwear woollen mill.

If Arbroath gave us the Smokie and Dundee gave us the Cake, then Kilmarnock gave us the Killie Pie. As Wullie Shakespeare said: "Parting was such sweet sorrow".

And the result? Pullovers, 3 - - Gastronomy, Nil

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