Thursday 16 November 2017

Rally - Scottish Rally Scene

Rally organisers aside, one of the hardest working men in Scottish rallying is Bob Irvine. The proof of that, Issue 10 of his Scottish rallying mag 'Scottish Rally Scene' is out now. Such are the wonders of the Internet that it can be sourced and paid for on Ebay and Bob will post a copy out.

Yet again this latest issue is a credit to him and his helpers, and photography apart, there us much to read including the first column from a brand new columnist (Jaggy look out!).

There's also a couple of chats with David Bogie and Bruce Edwards, and there is another insightful article from Bob himself, who volunteered to sit beside Taylor Gibb in the Lancer at Kames. Another stupid idea, but apparently it worked out rather well.

As ever there is huge variety of photos covering all aspects of Scottish rallying and even includes some pics of English rally drivers! So let your fingers do the shopping, get on to Ebay and type in 'Scottish Rally Scene'.

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