Thursday 28 September 2017

Rally - Not quite the end

Although this was supposed to be the final day of the Fatal Accident Inquiry in Edinburgh, it was - and it wasn't. Sheriff Kenneth MacIver QC opened proceedings with a reminder to journalists and reporters that the actual Inquiry was not finished until he had produced his Determination. In other words, the usual reporting protocols and restrictions must continue to be observed. It makes you wonder if he had anyone specific in mind.

So although the formal hearings are over for now that does not mean that the Sheriff cannot re-open the Inquiry for one or two days, or however long he thinks it might take, or ask for more reports or information to aid his deliberations and conclusions. That means no published conjecture or speculation till the Sheriff's final Determination has been published.

However, the general consensus does seem to be rather more positive than negative, with those sentiments being echoed by the Crown Office.

For the moment that does seem to be about as much as can be said about the Inquiry and the process without incurring a compulsory appetite for prison food.

As for the decision, the Sheriff had hoped that it might be completed in a couple of weeks, but it looks more like the end of November. He has to fit in another Court Case during this time. So we'll all just have to be patient. At least there is genuine cause for hope.  

As for a Transcript of the full proceedings I have been making enquiries and although I was told it would be expensive no-one could give me a figure. I now know why, they charge for each minute of testimony and procedure that has to be transcribed. Currently that figure is £1.61 per minute. You do the maths - I gave up when the total hit five figures and was still going.

There is one general observation that can be made and can act as a reminder to anyone going spectating at rallies. Read and heed the Warning signs at the entry to each stage. If you are travelling in a group then ensure that each member of the group reads the signs and should not rely on the group leader! If someone can't read them, then have them read out so that they understand.

As for the tape. It is striped and stretched across certain areas for a reason - it's not for decoration. Anyone who doesn't understand that should stay home.

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