Wednesday 6 September 2017

Rally - McRae Gravel Challenge .

Entries for this one-day forest stage event on 23rd Sept, which will bring the 2017 Scottish forest rallying season to an end, will close on Saturday the 9th. That means no more 'gravel rush' till February next year! Five months without the perfume of pine and petrol, stoor and brake dust and the sound of wind rushing through the trees and over bonnets and wings.

At time of writing there are still half a dozen slots to fill, and if there is a last minute flood, a few more could be fitted in above the 50 max. That's because the route has been finalised and service park sorted.

According to Fergus, John and Alex, the Craigvinean forest roads are like 'motorways'. No problem for Fergus' Range Rover but John added he could take his Merc through. And considering just how pernickety he is about his motor, that's saying something. Two runs of two stages, sign-on and Scroot in the morning, have a blast through the woods and go home the same evening. What's not to like?

There will be one main spectator arena (cleared by the Forestry boys and girls) at the Hermitage with an overspill spectator area further up the hill depending on numbers.

One more thing. The Course Car. It will be a Vauxhall Firenza. With four more cylinders than everyone else! Now I wonder who will be driving that, eh?

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