Wednesday 6 September 2017

Rally - Galloway Hills preview

Forget the Queensferry Crossing there is a much more impressive engineering sight to be seen and used in the Galloway Forests this weekend. Two years back Solway, Machars and east Ayrshire CCs designed and constructed 'the Clone Crossing', a magnificent wooden structure which spans the deep and wide expanse of the Clone Burn which feeds into Loch Ken.

This mid-stage shortcut enables spectators to walk safely across the deep gorge and turbulent waters to facilitate their access to the Cairn Edward Special Stage on Saturday. And it's still there despite the millions, or maybe thousands, perhaps just a few hundred - OK, a few dozen feet which have trod the boards since then. Indeed, an engineering marvel of the modern age.

There's also a new improved and enlarged Car Park at the location courtesy of those nice folk at the Forest Commission.

Oh! And the other picture? Just be careful what you ask for when the Service Crew is harrassed - I'm sure he was asked for a Jam Roll not a Bog Roll.

Anyway, there's a short Preview here with Full Entry List and Spectator Info:

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