Friday 10 March 2017

Rally - Over the border

Big entry for tomorrow’s Malcolm Wilson Stages Rally and there’s quality too. In depth! Many of the top seeds have been attracted by a competitive run out ahead of next weekend’s opening round of the British Championship with Keith Cronin topping the entry list backed up by Desi Henry, Jonny Greer and Conor McCloskey from across the water. Luke Francis leads the mainland opposition with Jamie Anderson, David Wright and Stephen Petch in support but there’s a good number of Scots in Cumbria this weekend with David Bogie running at number 2, Euan Thorburn at 5 and Rory Young at 16.

Other Scots marauders include Barry Groundwater, Mark McCulloch and Greg McKnight. Also in attendance are Reay MacKay, John Rintoul, John Wink and Brian Watson. Further down the entry list are Ally Currie, Adrian Stewart and Caroline Carslaw.

As ever, M-Sport have been the perfect hosts for the event organised by Kirby Lonsdale MC, Morecambe CC and West Cumbria Motorsports Club, having arranged a WRC style compound in the grounds of Dovenby Hall despite the fact that space is at a premium these days. Not only is the workshop busy churning out R5s but there are extensive groundworks underway on the estate constructing the new text track facility for the various M-Sport Race and Rally enterprises.

Amongst the last to make it through Scrutineering was young Ally Currie after a hectic few weeks sourcing bits for his gearbox in Poland and France. The gearbox broke on the Snowman and the rebuild was only completed this week so fingers crossed for a clean run tomorrow. Mind you, it makes you wonder what the ‘M’ stands for in M-Sport, could it be Mull-Sport. As if to emphasise that, Jim McDowall has got a new number for his van!

David Bogie’s car looks a real treat in this year’s livery and was spotted having a chat with compatriot Arthur Gallacher who has run the workshop at M-Sport for 19 years now and who was overseeing the WRC style Scrutineering bay under canvas.

And the final pic? That was taken in the canteen. A roll with sausage and beans! And the English have the sheer cheek to question the Scottish staple diet of Scotch pies and Mars Bar suppers?

Mull-Sport fan?


David and Godfather

WRC comes to BTRDA

Cumbrian healthy eating!

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