Sunday 19 March 2017

Rally - Clowning around

A light hearted look back at Saturday's Border Counties ... You can tell the Clone Motor Sport team don't get out much. The boys from the deep south west enjoyed the sights and sounds of the big city of Jedburgh and indulged in a bit of culture at the 12th century Jedburgh Abbey. It was pointed out to me, that given their propensity for cavorting on high walls, it's a good job they have their own Funeral Director with them! Meanwhile to the east of Clone County, Mark McCulloch surveyed the after effects of what turned out to be a lucky 'hit'. Having tackled a flat crest rather too enthusiastically, the ensuing hundred yard see-sawing sort-out from lock to lock was effectively curtailed and straightened out by striking a handy banking. Naturally this had nothing to do with sheer luck and jamminess, as it was claimed to be under perfect control at all times relying on pure skill and talent.

Duncan MacDonald had some new 'artwork' with a warning to spectators on the rear end of his awfy smart Escort boldly promoting his prowess as a rally driver. Naturally, he claimed to know nothing about it till he got to Scrutineering. It was alleged that it was applied before the rally unbeknownst to his good self! Also sporting some new artwork was Freddie Milne. The Lancer has a picture of 'Ziggi the Wolf' on the bonnet, this toothsome fiercesome creature belonging to girlfriend Abi. Also spotted doing a bit of flag waving was QueeNicola's new standard bearer supporting the cause. If he's on her side, then the Union is safe!

And finally, Rory Young was spotted kissing the lucky boots and paying homage to the rally winner who had other things on his mind, like trying to join the Royal British Legion Pipe Band as their new drummer! Fortunately for those of us who have an ear for music and appreciate the difference between a good tune and a fearful din, he failed his audition and his application was rejected. 

Cultural exchange

Look at the eedjits!


A bold claim

Beware the wolf

First Minister in waiting?

All hail, the boots, the boots!

Gie's a shot o' yer fiddlesticks Mister - Nae chance!

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