Tuesday 14 March 2017

Rally - Cheating

The pic posted here the other day showing Roger Anderson with Jim McRae prompted a couple of queries from the more knowledgeable and eagle-eyed amongst you, i.e. when did Roger ever co-drive for Jim? 

Well, truth be told, I cheated. He didn't. The picture was actually taken at the conclusion of the 1988 Border Counties Rally when Jim McRae presented the prizes including the winners of the rally, Murray Grierson and Roger Anderson. For a bit of fun I cropped Murr out of the pic to make it look as though Roger was with Jim. I have since spoken to Murr and explained it was a bit of fun and no personal malice was intended!

Full marks to anyone who noticed the 'error' and recognised the event. So here's the full un-edited pic now.

As an aside, Murray and Roger won the rally in their Opel Kadett 400 with Vince Chapman in second place and a certain Colin McRae was third just ahead of George Gauld. Happy days!

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