Friday 27 January 2017

Rally - Monte bound

When planning a 1300 mile route from Scotland to the south of France (and back again) in a fifty year old Mini it pays to plan ahead. Essentials include food and drink, Haynes manual signed by Paddy Hopkirk and French phrase book, maps and pencils, anoraks and torches, spare points and rotor arm, spare tyre and tool roll - and bog roll! 

Intrepid paparazzi photographer (although 'Speedy' will have to remain anonymous to protect his identity in case of threats of actual bodily harm following this 'scoop') caught Pat Haley in the act of mid-preparation ahead of yesterday evening's Paisley start for the Monte Carlo Historique Rally.

As they say in Frenchland: "Quand vous devez aller, vous devez aller!"

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