Tuesday 10 January 2017

Rally - Another cancellation

It wasn't entirely unexpected, but it still came as a wee bit of a shock to the system. The organisers of the 2017 Jim Clark Rally were looking forward to hosting a one day event this year as a way of re-establishing the 3 day festival of rallying in years to come when a missive arrived yesterday from the sport's Lords & Masters.

For a few brief moments it actually looked as though the show was about to get back on the road, until the MSA declined to issue a Permit. Apparently their discussions with the sport's insurer's came to nought with the insurance company citing the impending Fatal Accident Inquiry as their reason for declining to support the event.

We will now have to wait till the FAI panel sits, questions and mediates before issuing its pronouncement. At least there is now something of timetable in prospect with preliminaries due to commence next month and the FAI itself is expected to take place in July.

Until then, all mouths are sealed and private thoughts expunged, hence the rather brief and to the point statement issued by the organising team today. Full copy here:

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