Thursday, 8 January 2015

Rally - Forestry Charges

Whilst we all continue to digest the findings of the Motor Sports Safety Review Group and ruminate over their conclusions and suggestions, here’s another point to ponder ahead of a new rallying season.

The MSA has just sent out their annual letter to ‘Forestry Motor Clubs’, Forestry Liaison Officers and Regional Association Secretaries advising them of the scale of charges for the 2015 season.

For Primary usage of forest roads this year, the charge per mile will be £683 while for Secondary usage it drops to £405. That equates to a bill of over thirty thousand quid based on a 45 stage mile event (with no secondary usage) before a wheel has turned or a sticker printed. Then add in the mandatory insurance costs, professional fees and all the other gubbins needed to organise a modern one day stage rally and you can see why Entry Fees are so high.

Last year it was £668 and £396. Ten years ago (2004) it was £403 and £297, while 30 years ago (1984), and purely as a matter of interest, the charge for Primary usage was £110.

The letter was then signed off by the MSA Regional, Rallies & Cross Country Executive with the message “May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.” Methinks they could have worded that one rather better!

Anyway, the MSA will have a stand at this weekend’s Autosport International at the NEC in Birmingham. So if you’re going, here’s your ideal opperchancity to drop in and have a word when buying your new Licence or Permit.

Many of you enjoyed the pictorial quiz last weekend and I had fully intended to put the answers up on Monday but ‘due to circumstances outwith my control’ it will have to wait till this weekend. I also realise that I still have to get last year’s late season stuff up to date (thanks for the reminder Nick) and there’s a full Knockhill report to do after last weekend. This is all down to pressure of work (real work that is, not this stuff) and I really will try to do better this coming year. 

So in the words of those better than me: “May I wish you all a safe and successful New Year”.

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