Monday 14 August 2023

Rally - Panic attack

Yesterday morning’s panic attack was entirely unnecessary. Of course I have backups and constantly save stuff so the most I would have lost yesterday morning was about an hour’s worth of work. As it turned out, I lost nothing, but in that moment my stomach hit the floor like a workshop toolbox falling off Drumond Hill. I had been creating a new folder for rejected photographs and just hit the wrong button.

The recognition hit like a burst airline and rather than calmly sitting down and thinking about the recovery process, panic mode set in. With nerves atingle, something stronger than coffee was required. After going through needless computer searches, all that was required was to go into the Recycle Bin and re-install the ‘deleted’ folder. Simples. Still, it was a good excuse for a wee tipple on a Sunday morning.

The printer now has all the text and the first draft is looking good, some 160 A4 pages so far. Now the process of selecting photos is underway and they all have to be captioned. The biggest problem is not so much what to include, but what has to be left out – simply because there is no room.

So here are four more which haven’t made the final cut.

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