Wednesday 9 August 2023

Race - Fast Food

It does seem that Tunnock’s has an appetite for fast delivery van drivers, see previous FB post.

Yesterday’s photocall with Ross Wylie at Scrumptious HQ was reminiscent of another interview for a fast delivery van driver. That was 32 years ago. He also brought a friend with him that day. He didn’t fare any better in the trial run stakes. In fact, neither of them turned out too well, did they? 

On that basis, here's hoping Ross does rather better for himself and his country flying the flag this weekend at the Porsche Supercup race at Knockhill's BTCC motor racing extravaganza. Gaun yersel Ross.

Anyway, in desperation and to keep up with demand for their products, rumour has it that Tunnock’s turned to another Lanarkshire legend, one J Bunnet Esq. That didn’t end well either. The overheating brakes set fire to the wooden spokes and the g-forces generated shattered the wafers and curdled the cream.

Any other suggestions for a suitable van driving applicant?

Has to be safe, fast and reliable – and not have a sweet tooth!!

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