Sunday 13 August 2023

Rally - Nectar of the gods

Hauf past ten oan a Sunday mornin’, an’ ah’m oan the whusky already! Just deleted a hale file o’ rally foties, an’ they’re needit fur the printer ramorra mornin’. Panic. Mind ahwurl while searchin’ fur recovery ideas oan the internetwebbythingy. Mair coanfusion. Tried a’sorts. Then a meenit o’ clarity – the recycle bin!! Why did ah no’ think o’ this furst! Success, joab dun. Foties restoret. Panic wanes. Relief surges. Soothin’ balm needit. Hert rate slows. Found in a wee hauf o’ single malt. Ya beezer. The medicine of the gods.

(Jist this wance ye ken?)

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