Saturday 12 August 2023

Rally - The disappearing spectator

Rally spectating from the top of log piles has always been considered a very risky business. The Forestry Commission and rally organisers have long recommended in the most robust terms that such viewing points be avoided. Apparently the message did not always get through, even to folk who should know better.

Some 37 years ago (i.e. another couple of pics that won’t make the book!), erstwhile rally driver and professional auctioneer, one Dugald Hamilton Esquire, was spectating with friends on the 1986 Andrews Border Rally and discovered to his cost the dangers of such a practice.

Was the log pile struck by a passing rally car? Nope. Whilst laughing at the antics of the very creative photographer who was taking artistic photos of the rally cars, the earth moved, or in this case the logs moved, and he tumbled over backwards. Fortunately, he landed on his wallet.

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