Sunday 7 May 2023

Sprint - Parfum de voiture

Motor sport must be good for the health. After yesterday’s visit to Kames for the first day of the two day Iain Pinkerton Memorial Sprint I had the best night’s sleep since the end of January. I put that down to the fresh air, lightly tinted with a modicum of sheep poo, over Muirkirk and in particular the ‘parfum de voiture’ which enveloped the Kames Motorsport Complex. It was also my first motor sport outing of the year so far!

And there will be another one next weekend. On Sunday 14th May, Kames will host the Lochlie Construction Group Albar Kames Trophy Rally and they have a full entry of 35 cars and crews including a number of Junior 1000 entries. This class is for 14-17 year old drivers in 1 litre cars and it is to hoped that this introductory rally category will produce some rally stars of the future.

Mind you it’s one thing letting a bunch of road and racing cars loose on the new surface, quite another to let a horde of rally cars loose on it. Here’s hoping they behave themselves next Sunday. 

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