Wednesday 21 December 2022

Rally - MSUK Job Vancies

Looks like there’s some serious work to be done at motorsports HQ. MSUK is advertising for a ‘Head of Rallies & Cross Country’ to join their 70 strong personnel team based in Bicester. Here’s hoping they get someone who is up to the task, for by heck they need someone who is up for the huge challenges that lie ahead.

Rallying is facing some serious threats and whoever takes on the job will first of all have to ensure the sport does have a future while seeking to attract new competitors as well as volunteer event organisers and Marshals.

The sport has many critics on the outside who would cheerfully see it banned for all sorts of reasons, not least wanting the forests to remain car-free. The tree huggers would have us banned in an instant along with the bird watchers, hikers, walkers, nature lovers and of course the cyclists. The trouble is they all have a more powerful ‘anti’ lobby than our own ‘pro-motorsport’ governing body.

It’s the same with closed road rallies. Apart from those who want to ban cars and all other combustion engined motor vehicles altogether, there are those who tolerate and use such vehicles for their own personal domestic and business use but would still like to see cars banned for sporting purposes.

The trouble is they have a sound argument because there is no doubt that vehicle emissions are a big bone of contention these days.

That’s why the rush is on to find alternative methods of propulsion from synthetic fuels to hydrogen and of course electricity which various governments are keen to foist upon us even though there are problems with current battery capacity and the charging of such vehicles.

This will be no job for the faint hearted and whoever takes it on will have to hope that the MSUK hierarchy will back them to the hilt. There is a fear that rallying could be sacrificed to save the motor racers. They have a stronger case with enclosed circuits and fenced off spectator areas whereas rallying is nomadic by nature.

The job spec is here and the closing date for applications is 9th January 2023, so there isn’t much time to compile a CV and apply:

Having seen the salary on offer, my wee brain lit up like a pair of Super Oscars - but that would be just silly - wouldn't it?

MSUK are also looking for a Sporting Assistant (Rally & Cross Country) with the same closing date as above, job spec here:

By the same token, MSUK are also on the hunt for a 'Head of Communications & Public Affairs' as well as a 'Communications & Public Relations Assistant'. Having dealt with some previous incumbents of these positions in the distant past I sincerely hope they get the right calibre of applicant this time and not just someone who's there for the blazer and the money.


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