Friday 16 December 2022

Rally - Changing times

I wonder if this would be tolerated nowadays. Back when society was tolerant, rallying was fun and the banter was boisterous. At the same time, four wheel drive was for Land Rovers, petrol was £1.32 a GALLON (!) and Weston's Wagon Wheels were too big to be held in just one hand. In this happy place Dunfermline Car Club secured the support of a most unlikely sponsor for their counter in the 1980 Esso Scottish Rally Championship.

One does wonder however if such 'questionable' humour would be acceptable in these days of political correctness, public enlightenment and fair play for all, as the smutless 'Tut Tut' brigade looked on with furrowed brow and pursed lips.

Amongst the 15 special stages on offer that day were Blairvaich, Leanach, Renagour, High Corrie, Garadhban, Craigievern, Kirk o'Muir, Blairadam, Glendevon, Pitmedden and Weddersbie Hill as well a s two lap sprint round Knockhill. Apart from Knockhill, now almost exclusively the preserve of dog-walkers, bird watcher and tree huggers. Sad times, eh?



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