Saturday 3 September 2022

Rally - Mark Wilford

Motor sport has lost another good friend, and I have lost a pal. The name Mark Wilford is not one that made the headlines, it was one which wrote them. He was a journalist who went into PR with Ford Motorsport and moved on to manage the FIA WRC press and PR service until he passed away on Thursday.

His was not a household name but folks up here may remember a young man who accompanied his older brother Dave who co-drove for Phil Walker way back in the 1980s and 90s. Mark was a journalist working for local papers in the North East before moving south where his interest in motor sport led to him volunteering to become press officer for the British National Rally Championship then the British 'Open' series.

It was from there that he was plucked by M-Sport to become their press and communications chief and a new career blossomed. Latterly he provided the press and media service for the FIA WRC.

There aren't many photos of Mark, and that was deliberate. When the cameras came out he always seemed to take  a step back. Unlike some other 'media personalities' he never wanted to be part of the story, his job was to help provide them with the story, a task accomplished with good humour and complete professionalism.

In public, he was quiet, polite, modest, humble, helpful, professional, experienced and hugely knowledgeable. In private, impish, always interested, ready for a laugh, and enjoyed good company - even boisterous company at times!

I'll miss the phone calls and catch-ups while the sport will miss a lot more. Rest in peace Mark.

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