Tuesday 25 August 2020

Rally - Greystoke Hospitality

Passing reference was made yesterday to the efforts that the organisers of last weekend's 'M-Sport Return to Rally Stages' had made in order to make everyone feel welcome at Greystoke, including all Officials. Some folk actually doubted my claim that this hospitality had been extended to certain 'senior' officials.

Well, here's the proof. Those efforts were indeed extended to the Motorsport UK Safety Delegate and in particular to the appointment of a Personal Precipitation Protection Officer (PPPO) designated with the task of doing the MS UK SD's bidding i.e. erecting and carrying an umbrella at appropriate times and ensuring a goodly supply of nourishment, condiments and refreshments throughout the day.

As you can see the SD's 'minion' participated in his endeavours with enthusiasm, good humour and genuine care and attention for the welfare of the elderly!

Legal Note: All personal names have been removed from this News report to protect the identity and ensure the anonymity of the two people featured in the photograph who will surely deny all such rumours. Any likeness to any current MS UK officials is entirely accidental.

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