Saturday 25 June 2016

Rally - Wales v Scotland

Elfyn Evans still leads the RSAC Scottish Rally but Fredrik Ahlin has disappeared which has given David Bogie a bit of breathing space. He’s still second with Tom Cave 20 seconds behind. That means Euan Thorburn has moved up to fifth and Garry Pearson is back in the top ten after his early morning spin.

David says he’s trying too hard: “Elfyn is a class act. He’s taking some aggressive lines and I keep thinking he’s going to get puncture, but he doesn’t.  I’m to flamboyant. The fans like it, but it’s not the quickest way. I’ll need to try and tidy it up for the next three.”

Jock Armstrong has dropped out of the top ten. He left first service this morning with no sumpguard but reckons he’ll need it for the final three: “I hope they’ve managed to cut some holes in it but Ive got no flat-shift either, the heat went for the sensor this morning, so I’m struggling a wee bit for pace.”

Donnie MacDonald is off the pace as well in 35th place: “I don’t know what’s up. I keep losing brakes. The boys say I’ve boiled the fluid but I’ve been driving Lancers for years and not done it before, so I don’t know why it’s doing it now.”

Mark McCulloch is going well in 13th place just ahead of Rory Young, Bruce McCombie and young Greg McKnight first time out in a Lancer and lying 16th. Andrew Gallacher is losing power in his Lancer and is off the pace and Michael Binnie is going well now after changing a driveshaft this morning.

Steven Clark spoiled a good run, rolling the Lancer in the fifth test, but the boys are OK although the stage had to be stopped to move the car which was blocking part of the road.

As for the weather, short sharp thundery heavy showers are interspersed with strong bright sunshine with clouds of midges just for good measure.

Leaderboard after 5 (of 8) stages:
1, E Evans, 35m 29.7
2, D Bogie, 35m 59.5
3, T Cave, 36m 20.1
4, D Henry, 37m 07.1
5, E Thorburn, 37m 25.9
6, J Greer, 37m 42.2
7, G Pearson, 37m 43.4
8, J Moffett, 37m 48.8
9, J Anderson, 37m 50.6
10, M Faulkner, 37m 56.8  

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